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Services for You

We appreciate that seeing a solicitor can be daunting and we offer a friendly, personal and professional approach and an initial no obligation free 30 minute consultation for most new matters so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. We cover the following:-

Change of Name Deed – for you and/or your child. Quick, simple, and can potentially be completed there and then.

Please contact Lesley Rippingdale for Change of Name Deed

Cohabitee Disputes – we deal with all disputes between cohabitees from separation and children matters to financial matters including the ownership of property.

Please contact Lesley Rippingdale or Edward Holmes for Cohabitee Disputes

Disputes and Claims – covering areas such as consumer issues, purchase of white goods, contract problems, damage to possessions and claims issued at Court.

Please contact Edward Holmes

Family & Matrimonial Advice – we are here to help. We will advise as to your rights in relation to property, finances and children matters and we provide a supportive and caring professional approach. We offer a fixed-price divorce package of £600 + VAT plus court fees of £550 acting for the Applicant in an undefended divorce. Please note, in certain circumstances, you may be entitled to financial help with court fees. If you wish to seek advice please complete this form (click to download) and bring it to us at your first appointment. Our fixed price acting for the Respondent is £300 + VAT.

Please contact Lesley Rippingdale or Edward Holmes for Family & Matrimonial Advice

Jointly Owned Property and Land Disputes including Trust claims – if you own a property jointly with a partner, friend or relative and you fall out, we are here to help. We can advise you on all your options including the forcing of a sale if necessary.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Jointly Owned Property and Land Disputes

Land and Property Matters and Boundary disputes – these disputes can become very emotive and very expensive very quickly. We identify the problems swiftly and give you practical and sensible advice from the start.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Land and Property Matters

Landlord/Tenant Matters – when renting from anyone, either a private landlord or housing association, there will be times when the tenancy agreement will need looking at to see who is meant to be doing what. Other matters that may arise are possession/eviction claims for outstanding rent or other breaches of the tenancy agreement. Issues arising out of the ending of a tenancy, correct notices, return of deposit and what each party needs to do.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Landlord/Tenant Matters

Personal Injury – whether you have been injured from a trip or slip, road traffic accident or faulty equipment at work, Meesons and Spurlings Solicitors can assist with your claim from start to finish. We also deal with criminal injuries compensation.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Personal Injury claims

Purchases and Sales of Properties – we can assist with selling and/or buying residential properties, selling or buying land and selling or buying leasehold property.

Please contact Meriel Quain or Jacqueline Smith for Purchases and Sales of Properties

Employment Issues – there are a variety of problems that you may encounter at work. These include issues over your contract, disciplinary proceedings brought by your employer, grievance issues you may have over how you are being treated by your employer, or other members of staff, including discrimination. Alternatively, the problems may relate to your dismissal, or proposed dismissal, redundancy or a settlement agreement.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Employment Issues for Employment Issues

Professional Negligence – when instructing a professional to do work for you there are unfortunately times when the work goes wrong. This could include builders, solicitors, architects or other trades and professions.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Professional Negligence claims

Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney

We will spend time with you, either in the office or at your home, discussing your wishes and making sure that what you want to happen with your assets is what does happen. We will talk you through a variety of different options including planning for care home fees and inheritance tax.

Lasting Power of Attorney
We can help with lasting powers of attorney to cover property and financial affairs and/or health and welfare issues. In the absence of a Power of Attorney, we can assist with Court of Protection Applications including appointment of deputies and deputyship orders.

When a loved one has passed away, we are on hand to offer a comprehensive service for dealing with the administration of an estate. We will undertake the probate procedure from the beginning to the end.

Will Disputes and Inheritance Claims – when a loved one dies sometimes problems arise. If you question the validity of a will or believe you have not received an inheritance you consider you are entitled to, contact us now. Please note strict time limits may apply.

Please contact Edward Holmes for Will Disputes and Inheritance Claims

Please call for a free 30-minute no-obligation initial discussion to explore your specific queries.